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Err Hullo. Is anybody there? Not likely seeing as I just created the blasted thing. I think I can say with relative certainty that the chances of someone browsing these deranged compilations of dreary nonsense are quite petite. Just in case some poor soul stumbles upon my petty musings, let it be welcomed and treated to a glass of warm dandelion wine. There! That should be enough for a brief revelation of the supposed inner self onto the crumbling fabric of the virtual SEO in Utah world.

I vainly credit myself with an abundance of latent talents and dubious interests. From questionable poetry to unremarkable photography.

I have dabbed in painting, ceramics, video arts, installation and printmaking, but my true passion lies in graphic design. Nothing gets my blood pumping like a line of particularly well – kerned type. No opiate derivative can match the rush from a succession of pristine ligatures in a humanist face.

As evident from my name, I am of Russian origin, and partake of every alleged vice of my fellow countrymen, combining blatant romanticism and callous pragmatism in equal measures. I find inspiration in the margins of obscurity, mining mythologies and rituals for nuggets of rational brilliance. I traverse the latest developments in technology and science for mythopoetic obscurity, and rejoice in casual contradictions.

Take a time if you so choose, and look through the sections of this website to see where all of this had led me.

I’d rather fail faking florid prose, then write generic gems.

An inverted Renaissance man, — multi-faceted neophyte.

Some of our biggest fans include Keith Sayers FMX Shows and VIP Pawn shop in Orem.

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and it was fun.

A great designer is born.

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