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In my professional work, I put the foremost emphasis on the conceptual side of the design process, and believe that functional well-formed ideas help to define striking aesthetics.


CORPORATE IDENTITY Identity Design Sample
Here There Everywhere
Type Directors Club
Rusland Video

PRINT DESIGN Print Design Sample
Design in History
Pilgrim's Path
Pampa Wine

EXHIBITION AND SIGNAGEExhibition Design Sample
Whispers of the Lost
Comcast Stand
Spice Boys

WEB DESIGN Web Design Sample
The Good Doctor
Here-There Conference













Fragment from the

standards guide

for Akulaware Inc.





Pages from the

Pilgrim's Path.








Whispers of the Lost

construction drawing.





Fragment of the

PivotPoint website

interface concept



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The Evil Russians are Coming

I have had congress with the Beast,
and it was fun.

A great designer is born.

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